AY 23-24: You can find all available rooms on the site as from March 20, '23

Did you find the perfect room? Please contact us by phone:
For Leuven: 0491/166 367 (no SMS)
For Hasselt: 089/369 168



What is Rentio? And how do I get it?
Am I obliged to pay via Rentio?
Which payment methods are available in Rentio?
What other assets does Rentio have?

What is Rentio? And how do I get it?

Rentio is a digital platform that tracks rent payments and paymenbts for security deposits and annual fees for us. All payments that do not go through Rentio as of academic year 2022-2023 will automatically trigger payment reminders.

When we create your rental agreement you will receive an invitation to the Rentio app, although it can also be found in the app store.
Prefer not to put an additional app on your cell phone? No problem, you can also create an account on your laptop or PC.

Am I obliged to pay via Rentio?

Yes, you are. Article 6 of the rental agreement clearly states that all payments must be made through the Rentio platform.

Which payment methods are available in Rentio?

* Sepa mandate: here you can choose the approve monthly rents once or set up a direct debit that runs until the end of the rental agreement

* Online payment: this will redirect you to your own banking app.

* NEW: Wire transfer: Rentio can create an account number and associated reference that is valid only for your student room. Since Rentio works with the French partner 'Mangopay', this is a French account number.

What other assets does Rentio have?

1. All documents at hand: you will find your rental agreement here, but you can also share your place desciption with photos and your registration certificate with us here.

2. Chat: want to ask something quickly of forward a photo? Use the chat-function.

3. Pay quickly and never late again: You will receive a payment invitation in your mailbox a few days before the due date. Pay easily from the mail. 

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